Two UHD-125 Gravity Modules

Two UHD-200 Pump Modules

One UHD-200 Gravity Module & Two UHD-200 Pump Modules

One UHD-200 Gravity Module



(Published – Year 2015)


PBA Projects has successfully launched our Modular UHDMS plant range into the minerals processing industry.


By using this ground breaking technology, clients are able to beneficiate low grade ores and mined tailings through Dense Medium Cyclones operating at densities of 4.2 to 4.4 g/cm3 with module capacities ranging from 125 to 300 TPH.


Our range of modular units, currently treating Iron Ore are the “first ever” Full Scale Production units to reach the South African market. This has given us the advantage over our competitors to optimise efficiencies of our modules for the future.


PBA prides itself on our modular “Plug & Play” approach, which we expanded from our experience in offshore mining.


Prior to site installation, each module is pre-assembled, outfitted and water tested before being transported to site. The modules are fitted out with all equipment, infrastructure such as flooring, plate-work, piping, electrical cabling and are supplied with containerised Motor Control Centres, therefore requiring minimal assembly time on site.


The modular units are re-assembled in a matter of days, which minimises the need for large construction crews with site establishment, therefore saving time and cost.


All our UHDMS modular plants are designed to operate as either Semi-Automated or Fully Automated via a field control station or a central control room. The control incorporates safety and process control as well as sequences and interlocking for start-up and shutdown, this rationalises the need for additional operators, which would be required when operating manual plants.


Our standard modular units are available in a variety of sizes, see below, which can either be packaged as, Gravity Fed or Pump Fed, Cyclone Plants.


UHD-125 – 125 TPH Gravity or Pump Module

UHD-150 – 150 TPH Gravity or Pump Module

UHD-200 – 200 TPH Gravity or Pump Module

UHD-250 – 250 TPH Gravity Module

UHD-300 – 300 TPH Gravity Module



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PBA Projects has successfully launched our Modular UHDMS plant range into the minerals processing industry.



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