PBA undertakes the full spectrum of engineering design pursuant to the production of the most cost effective and efficient modular process plants.

Group services are also offered enabling us to supply complete offerings.

Project Management Services

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Project Management

Our Project Managers assume final responsibility for the end product delivered to our clients through all phases of the process from concept studies, feasibilities, design, procurement and construction to commissioning and handover.

They are involved from the client briefing stage and are the direct liaison between the client and EPCM team. Years of experience in the development of modular plants has taken our team to the forefront of their field and ensures that our innovative solutions are the best possible for our clients in terms of their specific brief.

The experience gained over years of implementing marine diamond process plants along with modular coal and iron ore wash and DMS plants has brought our Project Management team to the forefront in the EPCM field of modular process plants.

Conceptual Studies

Conceptual studies are undertaken at the earliest stage of the Client/EPCM relationship, investigating the size and scope of the processing facility taking into account the life of the mine and the client’s quantitative aims and objectives.

FEA Model - pic 1Pre-Feasibilities

By utilising known and extrapolating from similar historical data, PBA builds a model which arrives at a level of investment required measured against anticipated financial return. This result is achieved by selecting the optimum solution/s from those considered in the pre-feasibility process and tabling them to the client for approval.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Close liaison between PBAP and the  owner/operator of the mine during this phase will result in all the client’s project specific requirements being reflected in the design of the modular process plant and will avoid the necessity for major changes being made during the implementation phase.

This package forms the basis of the detailed design and focuses on the technical requirements of the project as well as the estimated cost of the client’s investment.

Process Engineeringside 2f

Our experience in deep sea diamond mining sets us apart as leaders in the field of marine modular diamond treatment and recovery plant design. Extreme weight and footprint limitations combined with accessibility for maintenance purposes makes modular marine design an exact science mastered by few.

Close liaison with our clients result in cost effective solutions without compromising the efficiency of the process.

Our modular design allows for an accelerated installation, commissioning and final handover process which brings the facility on line in the shortest possible time, to the benefit of the client.

Electrical Engineering

The client’s production requirements are interpreted from flow diagrams and form the nucleus of our electrical design. Selection of electrical equipment is undertaken by our team using tried and tested options while taking into account client preferences.

Our team has benefitted from extensive on site experience and utilises it in the electrical design of the plant. All regulations and standards governing electrical design and plant operational safety are encompassed in the design.

We oversee the entire electrical fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning process prior to delivery thus ensuring that the installation on site proceeds faultlessly and that the plant can be commissioned and handed over in the shortest possible time.

Mechanical Engineering

In order to integrate the process equipment into the overall design, our mechanical engineers conduct flow modelling exercises with a variety of equipment permutations, the outcome of which is the optimum equipment specified for the for the purpose intended.

All mechanical designs are undertaken with the health and safety of operational personnel of primary concern thus ensuring compliance with all relevant safety standards.

Structural Design

Structural, civil and mechanical design by our experienced professional team complimented by layouts, detailing and 3D modelling by a draughting team with a multiplicity of skills leads to a solution without service clashes and these models are used for Construction Commissioning Equipment Testing and Development

const-mng1Construction and Management

PBA Projects provides its clients with optimum turnkey solutions related to the particular site constraints, be they marine or dry land.

This includes compliance with agreed timelines, health and safety regulations as well as the most stringent quality standards.

We take full responsibility for the actions of all role players in the project team from inception to handover.

Projects include the full spectrum from pre-assembled modular structures to complete recovery deckhouses and everything in between.

The design experience gleaned from working in the confined spaces of ocean mining vessels has been translated into extremely efficient space optimisation in our modular land based plants making PBAP one of the frontrunners in the modular process plant EPCM world.

Our competencies include

  • structural steel and plate work fabrication
  • HDPE, carbon steel and rubber-lined carbon steel piping
  • conveyors
  • hand railing
  • polyurethane coatings and VRN linings
  • steel and timber decking and gratings.

Add to this our electrical capacity and we provide the full turnkey solution.


Prior to delivery to site we undertake the primary commissioning of the full process plant.

At our engineering workshop in Cape Town the plant is fully erected including all electrical and mechanical components and the plant is tested to ensure that all the equipment functions as planned and that the electronic instrumentation is perfectly programmed. This process speeds up the onsite commissioning once delivered and saves the client time and money.

projects 1Equipment Testing & Development

In the PBA group we have the capacity to do testing, scale modelling and similar, to assist our clients in confirming that their chosen solution is the optimum for the project concerned. This work is done in conjunction with the client's team should the need arise.

Over time we have developed the PBASE MS low profile (stainless) steel magnetic separator with reduces pedestal support frames, ideal for installation in modular DMS plants. Recovery x-ray volumetric feeders and high capacity DMS feeders have been developed and improved to a point where they are viewed as being amongst the very best available worldwide.